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Tips and Tricks and how to care for your child's oral health

Information provided by the Australian Dental Association


• Brush with a soft child-size toothbrush. • Use child-strength fluoride toothpaste from 18 months of age. • Parents should brush and floss their child’s teeth. • Brush twice daily. • Floss teeth that touch together.

CHILDREN - Under 6 Years

• Parents should continue to brush their child’s teeth, twice daily. • Floss teeth that touch together. • Use child-strength fluoride toothpaste, unless your dentist recommends otherwise.

CHILDREN - Over 6 Years

• Assist your child with brushing and flossing their teeth twice daily until 8-9 years of age. • Use adult-strength fluoride toothpaste.


[1] Spit out excess toothpaste, do not rinse out the mouth with water. [2] Don’t use too much toothpaste. A small ‘pea sized’ amount is all you need. [3] Make brushing fun! Play a song or use an appropriate smart-phone app as a reminder to brush for the recommended two minutes. [4] Use positive reinforcement when visiting the dentist. Praise your child on their listening skills and ability to follow instructions. [5] A reference to indicate your child can begin brushing solo is whether they have their ‘pen licence’ for writing with a pen at school.


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