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Fissure seals

Fissure seals are a white, clear resin that are applied to the outer layer tooth, this treatment is designed to prevent and reduces tooth decay.


TMJ clenching /grinding

Tooth grinding and clenching, medically known as Bruxism, usually occurs during sleep.

Bruxism will lead to scrapping of teeth and pain to the jaw, including stressed jaw muscle, headaches, earaches, TMJ disorders, cracked teeth, wearing factets or attrition on teeth and loosening already weakened teeth.


Wisdom teeth

Indications such as redness, swelling, jaw pain, recurring sore throats, bouts of bad breath, and bleeding gums around the back teeth are likely to be associated with your wisdom teeth (also known as third molars).

Our team at NDG can review your conditions and best advise you about the best options for your situation and removal of any unwanted infected teeth.


Sports mouth guards

We fabricate custom designed mouth guards to help protect sports related injuries.


Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a procedure for the removal of tartar and plaque in areas that be difficult to reach when tooth brushing, tartar build up can also develop in those that are brushing and flossing routinely.


Oral cancer screening

At NDG our team of dentists examine the month to review for any signs of cancer or precancerous conditions.


Laser gum treatment

Laser gum treatment involves a laser procedure that is inserted between the tooth and the gum and the removal of other soft tissue lessons. 

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We've got you covered

Dental examinations/check up

Regular dental examinations can assist with long term dental hygiene and health.

Our dentists can aid in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment for good oral health and wellbeing.

Root canal

NDG dentists are experienced in using the latest techniques and technology to perform root canal treatment. The treatment to remove infection and disease from the internal structure of the tooth known as the pulp. This treatment is necessary to establish the health of the tooth and will be followed by the restoration to support the functional requirements.



Fillings are used to replace missing tooth structure to ensure health and function is maintained of the individual tooth.



Exaction of a tooth occurs when the tooth is beyond repair.



Dentures are a removal prosthesis that is used to replace missing teeth.


Chipped/cracked tooth

The dentists at NDG will make a diagnosis of a chipped tooth via inspection of the mouth and a series of tests. Treatment may vary depending on your symptoms, the location, and the severity of the tooth.



Periodontal therapy includes both non-surgical (scaling and root planning) and surgical (deep cleaning) techniques to restore health to the tissues that support the teeth and prevent tooth loss.


Flossing removes plaque and food particles in places where a toothbrush cannot easily reach, under the gum line and between your teeth. Daily flossing is highly recommended to reduce plaque build-up which may lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

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